Walk n' Train

Plucky Paws offers a unique walking service for dogs in the Ames area!

Does your dog pull like a freight train on leash walks?  Are you having trouble walking a puppy or fearful adult dog who hesitates to venture away from home?  Do you cringe at the thought of letting someone else walk your aroused or reactive dog?  Would a mid-day break help your dog feel and behave his best?  Never fear, Walk n’ Train is here! 

Walk n’ Train sessions emphasize physical exercise, but also address challenges like aversion to walking equipment, polite leashing, doorway impulse control, loose leash practice, and reactivity.  Walk n’ Train combines the structure of training plus the benefits of exercise, all rolled into one session.  Pamper your pooch with additional fun playtime, stimulating enrichment, or relaxing canine massage!

Sessions are one-on-one between trainer and dog, and are held during mid-day hours.  Pet parents receive a personalized “pupdate” report each week.  Previous and current Plucky Paws clients do not require an assessment prior to enrolling.  An assessment session is required for new clients.  To remain an active Walk n’ Train client, your dog must be scheduled for at least one session per week.  


  • Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays

New Client Assessment

  • 30 Minutes $25.00

Walk n’ Train Sessions

  • 30 Minutes $25.00

  • 45 Minutes $35.00

  • 60 Minutes $45.00


15 Minutes $10.00 Each

  • Fun Playtime: Tug, Fetch, Flirt Pole, etc.

  • Stimulating Enrichment: Food Puzzle, Agility, Nose Work, etc.

  • Relaxing Canine Massage with Aromatherapy