Preschool & Elementary Age Programs

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Preschool Pups

Age 3-5, 30 Minutes

The Preschool Pups program is far more comprehensive than a standard bite prevention presentation.  Over the course of four lessons, preschoolers engage in arts-based prosocial activities to learn about dog body language and discover what it takes to provide responsible, loving care for a pet.  The developmentally appropriate Preschool Pups curriculum draws from fundamental early learning topics to give very young children the basic tools they need to interact with dogs safely, respectfully, and joyfully.

Plucky Paws is proud to receive an Arts in Education Grant from the ACAC in support of the Preschool Pups program.  Additional fall 2017 funding is provided by The Dog Spot in Ankeny and Ames Pet Hospital.  Special thanks to contributing animal lovers Karen Backstrom and Melinda Altman.

Canine Superstars Club

Age 6-12, 1 Hour

The Canine Superstars curriculum uses the arts to foster self-awareness, compassion for peers, and kindness to animals.  Children participate in music and song, visual art, dance, and drama activities to explore canine behavior, body language, training, and welfare.  Children demonstrate the skills they need to interact confidently and safely with dogs they encounter in the community, and gain the knowledge required to responsibly care for their pets at home. The curriculum incorporates elements of the Iowa Core, character education, and service learning to benefit adoptable dogs.

Thanks to a Jean M. Walker grant awarded by The Miccio Foundation, Plucky Paws is bringing the full nine-week Canine Superstars Club program to three classrooms in the city of Boone during fall 2017!