Preschool Pups

Age 3-5

The Preschool Pups program is far more comprehensive than a standard bite prevention presentation.  Over the course of four lessons, preschoolers engage in arts-based prosocial activities to learn about dog body language and discover what it takes to provide responsible, loving care for a pet.  The developmentally appropriate Preschool Pups curriculum draws from fundamental early learning topics to give very young children the basic tools they need to interact with dogs safely, respectfully, and joyfully.

Canine Superstars

Age 5-12

The Canine Superstars curriculum uses the arts to foster self-awareness, compassion for peers, and kindness to animals.  Children participate in experiential activities to explore canine behavior and body language, positive reinforcement training, and companion animal welfare.  Children demonstrate the skills they need to interact confidently and safely with dogs in their community, and gain the knowledge required to responsibly care for pets at home. The curriculum incorporates elements of the Iowa Core, character education, and service learning to benefit adoptable pets.

Dancing Doggies

Creative Movement Workshop

Knowledge of canine body language is crucial to prevent unsafe situations between children and dogs. As children explore canine signals through hands-on creative movement activities, they simultaneously develop empathy and emotional intelligence. The Dancing Doggies workshop teaches kids physical skills such as balance, coordination, and spatial awareness, and fosters self-assurance, collaboration, and compassion for animals. The workshop is drop-off format, lasts one hour, and is open to kids age 6-12.  Families are invited to attend the last ten minutes of the program, to see what their children created!  Children may bring an optional in-kind donation for shelter animals.

Cookin' Fur Canines

Dog Treat Workshop

If your child has an interest in cooking and a soft spot for animals, they’ll love the Cookin’ Fur Canines dog treat workshop!  They'll discover the basic components of canine nutrition, compare the quality of dog food ingredients, and learn about the benefits of enrichment feeding for dogs.  Kids help companion animals in need by making frozen pupsicle goodies for adoptable shelter dogs at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa.

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