Plucky Kids In-Home Services

In-Home Humane Education

1 Hour $50.00

Children's in-home humane education consultation is customized to meet the needs of each child, such as pet loss support or improving fear of dogs. During our sessions, I use creative and fun activities to help kids contemplate and express their feelings, such as dramatic play, puppetry, visual art, music, movement, and children's literature. Inclusion of my therapy dog Marmalade enhances in-home consultation.

    Birthday Pawty Entertainment

Age 3-5, 30 Minutes $50.00                    Age 6-12, 1 Hour $75.00

Plucky Paws offers engaging, educational birthday "pawty" entertainment. Along with my trusty sidekick Marmalade the Therapy Dog, I want to make your child's celebration pawsitively amazing!  Guests meet and pet Marmalade and participate in fun dog training activities.  Additional content is customized to suit your child's age and interests, and may include dramatic play, a song, a story, or a craft.