My Guarantee

Many interconnected factors contribute to the success of any training program.  Successful training requires an educated and observant trainer who communicates well with both people and animals.  Training also involves owner commitment and follow-through, environmental factors, and the physical and mental-emotional state of the animal.  Given these complex factors, it is impossible and unethical for any trainer to make any guarantee of behavioral outcomes for the animal.  As a member of the professional organizations PPG, APDT, CCPDT, and IAABC, I am bound to a high ethical standard in the field of animal training and behavior.  I have pledged to these associations that I will never offer behavioral guarantees.  Therefore, while Plucky Paws does not guarantee any behavioral outcomes for your pet, I emphatically guarantee that I will provide amazing customer service, a customized approach to your goals, a commitment to excellence in my field, an investment in ongoing education, and that I will engage compassionately with your dog every step of the way.

Client Experience

What Makes a Plucky Dog?

Plucky Paws dogs are active and eager learners, not passive followers.  They are not trained using intimidation or force, and are free to make choices throughout the process.  As a result, they are responsive and willing participants.  With consistent communication and guidance, Plucky Paws dogs readily discover and masterfully demonstrate desired behaviors that earn them rewards like treats, playtime, or the almighty belly rub.

What Makes a Plucky Pet Parent?

Plucky Paws pet guardians proactively seek solutions to address undesired behaviors in their canine companions.  They are curious to learn what motivates their dog, and are vital partners in the training process.  They are committed to enhancing their dog's quality of life by providing structure, enrichment, and affection.  Pet parents who train the Plucky Paws way enjoy the benefits of sharing their home with a well-mannered, joyful dog.

The Three E's

To ensure my clients have a great training experience, I follow "The Three E's":

Educate: I provide my clients with valuable resources and practical techniques to enhance their dog handling skills.

Encourage: I support my clients in achieving their training goals and I help dogs to reach their full potential.

Empower: I instill in my clients the confidence to continue their training journey throughout the life of their pet.