Plucky Parents

Expecting to Age 4

Maintaining domestic harmony can feel overwhelming when your furbaby doesn't know what to make of a crying newborn or a curious preschooler.  Plucky Parents training integrates consultation, hands-on training, and humane education to address the common challenges that arise when raising young children and dogs together.  I provide practical strategies to help your dog be successful in a busy household.

Imagine your dog...

  • Lays quietly in a designated spot while you feed your baby.

  • Leaves a tempting pacifier that drops to the ground.

  • Keeps four paws on the floor while you enter the house with a toddler in one arm and groceries in the other.

Family Training

Age 5 & Up

Plucky Paws values the unique contributions of children and crafts creative solutions to meet the specific training needs of each family.  I engage kids with age-appropriate training exercises and fun educational content.  Everyone benefits when the entire family participates in the training process, and a consistent environment helps improve your dog's behavioral outcomes.

Imagine your dog...

  • Enjoys playtime that is exciting yet safe, with functional training built right in.

  • Chews on his own designated items, instead of the children's treasured toys.

  • Is cared for by all members of the household.


Family-Friendly Package

  • Assessment & 6 Sessions $630.00

  • Assessment & 9 Sessions $900.00

Sessions last one hour, at $90.00 per hour. The assessment may be purchased as a stand-alone session for $95.00. Packages include a customized training outline, weekly email support, and a progress report summary. A credit card payment plan option is available. Animal science and veterinary students, veterinary employees, and animal welfare employees receive a 10% discount.