Private Coaching

I teach you how to train your dog. 

We work together to train your dog, and you are closely involved in the process. During weekly coaching sessions, we explore the why and how behind clicker training techniques.  Your dog's attentiveness to you increases as you directly observe their learning style and preferences.


Latchkey Canines

I train your dog for you. 

I train your dog while you're at work, and pass on your dog's skills to you.  Latchkey Canines is an accelerated format, with twice as much training completed in half the time.  Hour-long training sessions are held three times per week, plus one 90-minute transfer session per week.

 Sessions last one hour, at $90.00 per hour. The assessment may be purchased as a stand-alone session for $95.00. Packages include a customized training outline, weekly email support, and a progress report summary. A credit card payment plan option is available. Animal science and veterinary students, veterinary employees, and animal welfare employees receive a 10% discount.

Foundation Skills

Whether your puppy or adult dog is a cozy couch potato or a high-energy go-getter, he will benefit enormously from learning the basics.  When your dog can readily demonstrate essential behaviors on cue, you gain an invaluable means of communication and daily routines become a breeze.  That means less hassle and more time for fun!

Imagine your dog...

  • Sits until being released to exit through a doorway.

  • Comes when you call him back into the house.

  • Waits politely by your side while you chat with a friend.


Continuing Skills

Complex training exercises provide your dog with mental and physical stimulation, which improves his confidence and manners.  Your dog will build upon basic cues to demonstrate a solid repertoire of behaviors.  I can help you and your dog prepare to take the Canine Good Citizen, Community Canine, or TheraPets evaluations.  Continuing Skills is recommended for dogs who have completed a Foundation Skills package or equivalent.

Imagine your dog...

  • Holds a sit-stay or down-stay with increasing distance and duration.

  • Maintains a loose leash at a fast and slow pace, through crowds and distractions.

  • Performs functional tricks that channel his energy and showcase his natural abilities.

Skills Package: Latchkey Canines

  • Assessment, 9 Sessions, & 3 Transfer Sessions $1,305.00

Skills Package: Private Coaching

  • Assessment & 6 Sessions $630.00

  • Assessment & 9 Sessions $900.00

Behavior Solutions

Your dog is a complex creature, and you lead a busy life.  Plucky Paws is here to help when your beloved canine companion struggles with impulse control or problematic behaviors.  Behavior Solutions offers hands-on support and an individualized approach.  Rather than merely suppressing behavior, I work with your dog to identify and mitigate the triggers that cause the behavior, and teach them healthy alternatives. Plucky Paws determines the number of sessions needed based on the particular behavior challenge and the intensity of the behavior.

Imagine your dog...

  • Politely and calmly greets visitors to the house.

  • Settles down quietly while you cook or watch a movie.

  • Confidently enjoys people and places that used to frighten him.

     Behavior Package: Private Coaching

  • Assessment & 6 Sessions $630.00

  • Assessment & 9 Sessions $900.00

    Behavior Package: Latchkey Canines

  • Assessment, 9 Sessions, & 3 Transfer Sessions $1,305.00